SA VAPORS LLC was founded and started in August 2013, by its owner who lives in the neighborhood. You are all his neighbors and he believes in treating everyone as if you live next door. 

He started SA VAPORS because of his own personal struggles with getting himself and his loved ones off of cigarettes. He tried everything from the patch, hypnotism, gum, to cold-turkey with no real results. He has tried the early stages of these products in the past with very little success due to the inferior products of that time. Since then he has been perfecting the products he uses and carries in his store. He has also learned from the many shops he frequented and wanted a different experience for his customers. He also used to go to many of the other shops around. Unsatisfied with many aspects he decided to open a shop which caters to the business professional.

The shop is in a comforting Port Aransas shell shop motif and the attitude here is far from it's competition's because of the owner's dedication to the customer and the products he carries.

Many well known shops  carry sub-par products which we in the industry call "knock-offs". While this may not mean a whole lot to the other shops, it means the world to SA VAPORS. Many of these knock-off products are of vital importance to not only your excellent vaping experience but also to you and your loved one's health because what things like coils and tanks are made of. Our coils are made from food grade stainless steel and the coils are quality A-1 Kanthal, which the knock-offs are not. Our coils will last you approx. 2-3 weeks, and the knock-offs will last you around 1-5 days. While they are cheaper in cost, they are not something you want yourself or loved one vaping on. You really do get what you pay for. We believe in and provide OEM authentic coils and tanks for our customers because we are in this for the long haul with you.